You Simply Cannot Avoid Painted Furniture At The Furniture Stores In Raleigh NC

If you are visiting the furniture stores in Raleigh NC, then you must definitely be thinking about buying the painted furniture collection that they have. One of the best furniture stores in town, the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store is presenting an amazing and wonderful variety of painted furniture that will certainly blow your mind away. Visit here:  No, we are not talking about furniture that is painted in simple blues, whites, greens, reds and black. We are talking about furniture that has been artistically painted so that you can bring a piece of extremely attractive yet creatively inclined furniture in your house.

Why will painted furniture grab your attention at furniture stores in Raleigh NC?

furniture stores in Raleigh NCThe painted furniture is always artistically inclined. You will be finding any real time paintings on these furniture items. It often makes then quite expensive as well. However, if you are getting even a single piece home, you can believe that you will be complemented by anyone and everyone who is entering your house. The furniture stores usually keep these painted furniture in order to attract people who are looking for some striking accent pieces for their home. As these painted furniture items are usually very colorful and come with beautiful painted figures, they will definitely be grabbing the attention of your guests. There are many furniture items that even come with some beautiful motif designs and exotic designs which will certainly be liked by you.

The painted furniture items often come in unusual shapes as well. You will be finding psychedelic effects, waves, curves, curls and much more in this kind of furniture available in furniture stores in Raleigh NC. As a result of this, they get an instant attraction factor. You will never be able to forget a painted furniture item if you have had a look at it once. This is the reason why you should definitely be thinking about incorporating it in your household. The painted art furniture usually has some beautifully printed characters that look like they have been imported from a good old comic book. However, there are many more kinds of painted art furniture items that look even better than that. They have some exotic paintings, motifs and designs that are printed all over their surface.

Wait! The variety of furniture items does not stop here. You will also be finding some great embellishments in most of these painted furniture items. Some of these pieces have scenes from the nature depicted in a very different perspective. You will find butterflies, rivers, mountains and even cherry blossom season being depicted in such art. From surrealism to abstract art, there is nothing that you will not be able to find in the furniture stores in Raleigh NC. Therefore, you should be gearing up today for this amazing experience so that you can get a wonderful piece home. Remember, always define your style before buying anything. If you bring anything too outrageous home, you will likely not find it useful in your house.

The Art Of Painted Furniture Available In Furniture Stores In Washington DC

Painted furniture has always been one of the most celebrated kind of furniture styles that you will find at the furniture stores in Washington DC. This is because the painted furniture items always look very unique. Even if they are designed like the conventional boring furniture items that we own, a little bit of paint and some beautiful designs will be able to make the furniture piece look new and very attractive as well. The beauty of colors is truly reflected when you buy painted furniture for your house. Therefore, it is quite essential for each one of us to understand the fact that furniture is not there for seating or storage only. It is an integral part of our house that can really be bringing a sense of art and beauty in your rooms.

Painted furniture has been found in many exotic cultures. You will find that the traditional furniture of many African, Asian and specially South Asian countries have many paintings and designs or motifs that makes them look more beautiful. Anyone who appreciates art in the true sense of the word is able to find the some of these amazing pieces of furniture at the furniture stores in Washington DC with ease. They bring these pieces into their house and enjoy the mysterious, beautiful, charming and exotic variety of furniture with ease. You will be finding that this kind of furniture is made of very high quality hardwoods as well as high quality paints as well.

Why to buy painted furniture from furniture stores in Washington DC

furniture stores in Washington DCThere are many reasons why you should be buying painted furniture for your house. In the first place, the painted furniture looks great and can be used as a center piece or a focal point in your room. There are many occasions when the room is quite big and the sofa is simply not enough to grab all the attention. In such a case, creating smaller spaces in the room with more than one focal points will be a great idea for you. Just try to make sure that you don’t mess these things up. When creating focal points, always choose these designer painted furniture items which can be carrying the weight of attention in your living room.

The second reason why you should be buying painted furniture is its durability. Yes, the looks are often the first reason why people get attracted towards this kind of furniture. However, it is the durability that really counts at the furniture stores in Washington DC. You will be able to find some exotic painted furniture at these furniture stores as well, especially if you go to the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store. Here, you will be able to get some really amazing furniture pieces that come at a very affordable price as well. So get ready, visit their website to select your favorite and buy all these beautiful furniture items today. You will be glad that you made such a choice. It will always be worth your money!

Bringing Art In Your Home With Furniture Stores Fayetteville NC

If you are working towards making your house looks more artsy and more beautiful, then you should definitely be thinking about creating a home décor that easily reflects the love for arts. It is quite common for people to wish that they had something good to buy from the furniture stores Fayetteville NC. They often look for something that is quite unique and will be able to provide them with a better look in their house. All these people are now getting attracted towards the artsy furniture available at the furniture stores Fayetteville NC. These stores are providing some really great pieces that can be used to create an entire home décor that is full of color and vibrancy. However, as it is not possible for everyone to get a completely crazy artsy décor, the people mostly buy them as accent pieces for their house.

The art furniture available at the furniture stores Fayetteville NC

furniture stores Fayetteville NCThere are many different kinds of art furniture available at the furniture stores near you. These art furniture items always provide you with a new and vibrant appeal. There are painted art furniture that come with many different kinds of beautiful paintings. They can either be motifs, shapes or some complicated paintings that have been carefully designed on the surface of the furniture. Then, there are furniture items that have been shaped in a very artsy way. Forget about round, square, oval and rectangular shapes in furniture. In the case of artsy furniture, you will find effects like ripple, sponge, cheese, popcorn ceilings and much more. The shape of the furniture is quite unique and unusual which makes it a perfect buy for anyone who wishes to bring attention to their home.

There are many more types of art furniture that you can be buying. Some of these furniture are recycled or come with some or the other kind of innovative ideas. The recycled art furniture comes after making use of some old and abandoned objects in the house like rubber tires, wheels, boxes, threads and much more. The most attractive and expensive kind of art furniture is known as concept furniture. It is available in the furniture stores Fayetteville NC and is in high demand these days. Concept furniture always combined the details of one kind of furniture and mixes it up with the beauty and attraction of some other natural elements. For example, a plain rectangular table that comes with wavy quid legs or a psychedelic closet that is painted in numerous colors is what is making headlines at the furniture stores these days.

Some of these furniture items can be used for seating and storage. However, the trend for accent furniture that completely replaces wall hangings and other decorative items is also on the rise. With the minimalistic furniture ideas becoming more popular these days, people are looking forward to making cleaner spaces that allow more spaciousness in their house. You should also be trying to bring such wonderful furniture in your house right away from the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store. Please visit to get more information.

Unusually Country Style Home Décor Theme

Unusually Country Style Home Décor ThemePastel Colors have always been appreciated for their unique appeal and their subdued appearance. If you like a color a lot and want to use it in your home décor without overdoing it, then finding a pastel shade of the same color will always be beneficial for you. You should always try to make sure that you are finding a shade that you really like. Investing in furniture and home décor is not a trivial issue and if you pick up something that you do not happen to like, then you will probably not be feeling satisfied with the décor after some time. As a result of this, you will never feel happy in your own home. However, if you are a fan of pastel colors and do not mind a country style décor theme, then we have something that will certainly impress you a lot.

Choose a pastel shade of green for your walls. Make it leaf green, not forest green. Pastel leaf green will be our primary shade which will be complemented by pastel pink and accents will be provided by pastel violet. We suggest that you keep the walls of the room as light as possible. Most of the furniture that we will be using in the room is going to be green. It should not look like you are swimming in a sea full of moss and weed. Now, start buying country style furniture for your room. Begin with a heavily upholstered sofa. It should definitely be in green. Introduce some cushions, most of them in pink and a couple in violet. The green sofa should be completed with a couple of easy chairs, both in shades of brown with very little padding. The contrast will appear to be very lovely. Don’t use a rug here as it would not match well with the décor themes.

Time to buy storage and accent furniture for the room. Here, you can easily depend on a chest of drawers that is completely pink. If it has been bought from the shabby chic collection of a furniture store, you have just hit a jackpot. Also invest in a huge storage console that is only slightly taller than the sofa itself. Place in a corner where there is ample sunlight. This is exactly where you can bring the artsy feel. Choose console that either has carved or painted flowers in either pink or violet or both. If you don’t get the right colors, get it painted for yourself. You can adopt the same scheme in some other cabinets and drawers in the room as well.

There are a few points to be noted in this kind of home décor. Try this only in a room that has many windows and allows maximum fresh air and sunlight in. Plus, do not try to change the colors. If you choose violet as a primary color, green as a secondary color and pink as an accent color, the look will definitely look very odd. Keep it simple, but keep it beautiful.

Get The Middle Eastern Style Home

There is a very unique kind of charm that you get to experience when you bring in exotic styles of home design in your rooms. One of the least talked about exotic styles is the Middle Eastern style. Though we will not say that this kind of décor is not possible. There are many furniture stores that are selling some exclusive furniture and accessories for people who want them. However, you would have hardly heard someone talk about the Middle Eastern style of home décor. We have only know about this style in bits and pieces. However, it is time that we start to include some elements of this very beautiful and even artsy style into our households.

You will be surprised to find that the furniture traditions of Middle East are more about creating pieces of art. There are such beautiful carvings and such amazing furniture pieces that you will not be able to take your eyes off them. They use very high quality woods and the fabrics are always soft, comfortable and rich. If you want to be transported back in time or always wanted to feel like an Arabian King, this is the kind of home décor that you should be opting for. Let us have a look at some of the primary elements of Middle Eastern style home décor.

  • Get The Middle Eastern Style HomeFirst of all, think about the colors of the home décor. Color is one of the basics of art that should definitely be kept in mind when designing your house. The colors used in the Middle Eastern style of décor are very rich. You should be choosing colors like red, very dark shades of brown and a henna green. Blue should always be used as a perfect companion for all these furniture colors. Remember, choose only deep and bright shade. Anything that is dull will not be acceptable here.
  • The furniture that is being used in the Middle Eastern style of furniture is always made of deep colored hardwoods. If you are not able to buy furniture made of solid hardwood, then finding veneered hardwood furniture will always be a great idea. Stick to the deepest shades of coffee or chocolate brown whenever possible. Make sure that the furniture is simple and has a very bold appeal. This is especially true for beds, chairs and sofas. If it will be used to sit on, it has to be simple, practical and functional.
  • On the other hand, you can use artsy styles freely when it comes to tables, cabinets, consoles, drawers, chests and closets. Opt for very beautiful mini carvings that are available in this kind of furniture. Even though the carvings appear to be quite delicate, the furniture is really very strong and sturdy. So don’t worry about durability in this kind of furniture. There are many kinds of painted tables available in this kind of furniture. If you are lucky, you will be able to find solid hardwood tables with gold leaf inlays and even marble embellishments. So check out the Middle Eastern artsy home décor right away and bring it all home.

The Indian Traditional Style Bedroom Décor With A Twist

The Indian Traditional Style Bedroom Décor With A TwistThere are hundreds of different styles of furniture that you can choose from but only a few are as rich as the Indian style. This design concept is well known to be very rich in terms of colors, woods as well as fabric. There is a special blend of mystery, function as well as a shadow of many art forms that have influenced different crafts in India. Actually, furniture is a craft here and it is clearly reflected in the items that they make. You will be finding very unique kinds of furniture here, all of which have been made specifically to fit into a home design theme. There is nothing like mass produced, dull and lifeless furniture. Whatever you find will carry an air of freshness and uniqueness. Try this Indian style bedroom décor that comes with a slight modern twist.

As usual, we will start by painting the walls of the bedroom. In this rich Indian style of décor, even shades of red and maroon will be working very nicely without making you feel eerie. However, if you are feeling that the color will be too bold for your nerves, then you can opt for some shades of taupe. The lighter the shades of taupe, the better results you will achieve. Finding some deeper shades of sand yellow will also be giving you similar results. Try to use amber lights in your room if possible. This would ensure that you are getting that beautiful and cozy appeal from your room. With such a setting, it would be easier to fall asleep and your sleep patterns will also go undisturbed. Try to make sure that you invest in darker shades of wood with Indian furniture. As a matter of fact, honey brown will also not be a bad choice. However, it should rather be saved for the vibrant living room than the cozy bedroom.

The most artsy pieces of furniture that you will be finding in the furniture stores include the beds with a wonderful canopy. These canopies can either be rectangular, running parallel to the bed or they can be conical canopies. The rectangular ones can be used if you want to tone down the richness of the room. However, if you don’t want to leave any stones unturned in getting that royal feeling, get a conical canopy that comes with very rich fabrics in even richer colors. You should be paying a lot of attention to the cabinets, drawers and chests that are kept in the room. In general, you will be finding very beautiful carvings or designs on the edges of the furniture. Surface carvings are not very common, but they can still be found.

You will specially like painted art rectangular tables that come with the Indian style of décor. The chairs in this style usually come with pillar support with straight legs that come with rounded edges. You will see many bold curves in this kind of furniture which look really nice. If you are buying such beautifully carved chairs then tone down on the cabinets and buy old English Colonial style furniture.

Some Artistic Tables For Your House

Tables are often called the most attractive furniture in a household and the biggest reason behind this is the fact that tables are used and noticed by all people who visit your house. You serve their food and drinks and even connect with them near a table. You are able to entertain your own self with a help of a table. Therefore, those who are thinking about bringing a very artsy touch to their home always consider buying some great tables for themselves.

There are many reasons behind this choice. First of all, you will be finding that tables allow more art to be displayed because of their flat surfaces. If you want to showcase art in a sofa, you will probably have to mold it in some different shape. However, if you want to showcase art on a table, all you have to do is make the flat surface of the canvas your canvas.

Here are some of the tables that we love the most. You can either buy these tables or find your own furniture inspirations with the help of these tables. Take a look:

  • Some Artistic Tables For Your HouseDrop In The Ocean Exclusive Wooden Table- this is one of the most unique kind of tables that you will be finding. It suits people who like creativity and art but do not like to go over the top. You will be finding a very beautiful oak table that is paneled with beautiful wenge wood and beautifully carved to create the look of a drop falling off the chair. In fact, one end of the drop forms one of the legs of the table as well. The table is always available in a laminated finish which gives a beautiful appearance to this table. A cheaper veneer or engineered wood alternative can also be available in this kind of a table. Make sure that it is a part of your creative home office. It will always keep on inspiring you.
  • Unique Mixtape Table- the mixtape table is designed entirely like an old mixtape and it also comes with some storage portions on the side. The look of this table can instantly make you feel nostalgic and make you buy it in one go. The best part about this table is that it is made of high quality hardwood, making a perfect choice for those who appreciate beauty but in the traditional hardwood style. The small storage compartments that are provided at the end of this coffee table can be used to store sugar packets and even some packaged condiments if you like. If you like to read or write, you can even keep your stationery at this place.
  • Bar On Bar Unique Center Table- a lot of many of us feel short of options when it comes to buying a center table for our minimalistic home décor. This table is going to fulfill that need. Made either of solid hardwood or veneered hardwood, this table consists of two thick wooden bars that are separated and supported by a strong metal pillar in between. There is ample gap between the two bars to store things if you prefer.

Some Artistic Chairs For Your Home

Artistic furniture has always been appreciated by people. The simple reason behind this is the fact that artistic furniture is unique and different. There are a number of companies that are producing mass-made furniture which can be found in every other house. However, those who really want a good variety of furniture that can easily be passed on to generations and looks extremely fabulous always believe in buying artistic furniture. In this post, we will be talking about one of the most important types of art furniture there is i.e. chairs. Finding the right kind of chairs for your home is quite important. Take a look at some of our favorite artistic chairs that will certainly make your house look amazing.

  • Some Artistic Chairs For Your HomeThe hoop earring chair- our top favorite is the hoop earring chair. This chair is rather simple if you just see the legs of this chair. However, if you see the back of the chair, you will be finding an extremely amazing earring hoop design that is asymmetrically arranged to give a messy look. However, it moves ahead in the form of a cone, broader at the base and tapering towards the top. The seat of this chair is very low and round in shape with velvet upholstery and every small legs. You will be finding this chair in different shades of hot pink. This is one chair that you would not like to miss at all.
  • The shell armchair- this chair is rather simple in its design but that doesn’t stop it from looking spectacular. The chair is a typical armchair that you will be seeing in many of the English Colonial style furniture items. However, this chair is shaped like a shell from the inside. You will be finding true to life shell structure designs in this kind of a chair. It has been made from teak wood and its extremely beautiful hue makes it look quite amazing. The mother of pearl hue for the back and the seat of the chair gives it a very simplistic and beautiful look. If you want to incorporate art in your house without going overboard, then there is nothing better that you will be finding other than this beautiful chair.
  • The heart shaped loveseat- this is one of the most beautiful furniture items that you will like to keep in your house. The shape of this chair is that of a typical bedroom bench. However, you will be finding a beautiful heart in place of the backrest. As a result of this, you will be finding this seat to be extremely beautiful. The heart is oversized and it is available in a beautiful purple hue. Buy this furniture if you want to keep an accent piece at home without going overboard.

You should also be buying some painted art chairs for yourself from the furniture stores near you. These painted art chairs are available in a variety of designs. Therefore, start exploring your options and find the chairs that fit your home décor the most.

Artistic Storage Units For Your House

Storage furniture like closets, consoles, cabinets, chests and drawers present some of the most interesting and inspiring pieces of artsy furniture to you. They are known to be quite beautiful because they are practical and very functional. However, at the same time, they also provide you the ease of using them as an accent piece in your house. A lot of experiments have been done by art furniture enthusiasts when it comes to the storage furniture. If you also want to be a part of this artistic revolution, then find some inspiration in our list of the most beautiful and artistic storage unit designs. We hope that you will find something great for yourself.

  • Artistic Storage Units For Your HouseThe Hysteric Cupboard- this is the most popular kind of storage unit furniture that presents a unique blend of arts and colors. The Hysteric Cupboard can be used anywhere in the house but it looks really cool in kids’ and teenager’s rooms. The cupboard is shaped in a wavy pattern and is usually very tall. You will only be finding one drawer at each level, all of them asymmetrically designed. The furniture item is always available in very bold colors. This could be the only item that will be drawing all the attention in your room with ease. You might not even have to try another art furniture item here.
  • The Little Black Dress Hanging Accessories Drawer- the Little Black Dress is one of the favorite amongst girls and this is why this drawer is in a huge demand. It is shaped exactly like a beautiful black dress with a hanger. You can easily hang it anywhere in the room. This furniture is usually used for storing accessories for girls like socks, handkerchiefs, scarves etc. However, they can even use it to store their beauty supplier. It can either come in chrome plated metal with a shimmering finish or in black lacquered wood smooth finish. You can choose your own style with ease. It has another variant which is known as the Little Red Dress. So, you basically have two color options to choose from.
  • Store And Play Kids’ Shelf- these shelves are known to be very popular among the furniture buyers who have toddlers. The storage unit is affixed to the walls and then it is used as a bookshelf or as a toy shelf for the kids. You can also keep a colorful painted stool along with this furniture item. The door of the furniture opens from the top and it lays parallel to the ground when fully extended. As a result of this, children can use this as a table as well. You can make children read at this table or simply let them play with their toys and clay models here.

Storage items are always known for their great functionality. Therefore, you should also be finding some great storage items that fulfill your purpose of functionality without giving up on the extended inspiration from the arts. Try to make sure that you find the perfect balance between the two with ease.

Finding Cool Recycled Art For Home Décor

Real art is not confined into the realms of wood, metal or any other typical materials. A real artists can easily design a great masterpiece with whatever resources he has. This is the reason why you must always be trying to make sure that you are finding art in everything and anything. The first step towards this realization is finding a great furniture design idea that can be achieved with minimalistic resources and that too at home. In this post, we will be talking about recycled art. Yes, there is art in everything you consider a waste. This is why we will be providing you with an all new perspective on art, some of which can also be used at home by you very easily. Have a look at some of our favorite and easy furniture ideas that can be carried out at home with minimal resources.

  • Finding Cool Recycled Art For Home DécorThe Candy Wrapper Photo Frame- we all are quite fond of candy and chocolates and those wrappers are always found in the garbage bin, no matter what day or time it is. There are many more things that we love that come in this shimmering plastic packaging. You do not have to throw them away from the next time on. Simply use these plastic wrapper and fold them in a square. You don’t even have to think about getting rid of their creases, just let them be. Stick all these squares on a plain sheet of paper. Make sure that you leave some space for a picture in between. It would be better if you draw a bold border so that the picture can look different from these wrapper. Now, you only need to think about getting a cardboard and a picture. Stick them all together. If possible, get a transparent plastic sheet and cover the entire area with it. You are through!
  • The Teddy Bear Love Recliner- so, you own an old pool side recliner and it is growing old? You own some old stuffed toys and they are also getting old. Why not use them all together to create a new piece of furniture. Simply paste or tie these old stuffed toys throughout the length of the recliner and make sure that the ones at the edges are sitting upright and looking at each other from three sides. You have got the perfect recipe for some teddy bear love right in your own house.
  • A Tale of an Old Football- have you got an old football at home that you don’t really like to play with? If yes, then convert it into a globe or something different. It can be used as a perfect décor piece in your house and it will certainly be looking very good. First, get some newspaper bits, some glue and some water. Mix glue with water and keep it in a bowl with a big painting brush. Just paste the newspaper bits on the inflated football from both sides and make several layers like this until the entire football is covered. Let it dry and then paint it with the colors of your choice. You can even do the same with other balls, even if they are cut into two hemispheres.

Creating A Reader’s Paradise In Dark

If you arCreating A Reader’s Paradise In Darke an avid reader, you probably understand that the appeal of the room has a huge role in making you read with ease. We all have one or the other corner where we go to read our favorite books and spend some good time as well. However, it is also to be understood that we can also create spaces where we can find more comfort in solitude and enjoy reading. These spaces are somehow more powerful in their appeal and make us feel glued to the reading experience.

Have you ever imagined how a great room which is designed for a reader will look like? You may believe it to be a room that is colored in very light hues and filled up a number of bookshelves. Actually, it is not always the right idea. We have something that is more artsy and more creative in its look and appeal, even though it used very deep shades of color. Do you want to know about the décor theme that we have in mind for you? Take a look.

The walls of this room have to be a bit darker. Yes, we are playing with color but we are not very keen on using very light colored furniture like the traditional home décor. If things are conventional, they stop being a piece of art. This is the reason why we are introducing a very deep color here- a deep shade of grey. This color may seem to be quite a huge mistake in the beginning but as the home décor theme comes to life, you will find that it has worked wonders for you already.

Get a wood accent piece that is square in shape and has a huge like that of pine wood. Make sure there is some kind of painting or printing on this piece. Now, introduce a contemporary sleek sofa that is completely covered in deep purple colored upholstery, except the edges. Use a couple of purple cushions and two huge yellow cushions on this sofa to create the perfect contrast. Next, you should be introducing a contemporarily designed artsy center table in the room. The color of the table should be hot pink or fuchsia. Introduce two lamps on either side of the sofa as well. Additionally, keep a small green colored accent lamp on the table as well.

Your room décor will not be complete without a beautiful bookshelf. Here, we do not want to be too complex. So choose a simplistic box style bookshelf only. The bookshelf can be made of veered hardwood, provided that it should be a deep shade of chocolate brown. If a simple bookshelf does not suit your needs, then you can also opt for a stepped or terraced bookshelf design as well. You can also introduce a side table, a large photo frame and some wood figurine in the room. It will all be worth the effort. The most interesting thing about the room would be the dark backdrop that would be ably supported by the controlled used of colors.

Pretty Beauty In Red

Pretty Beauty In RedRed is known to be the color of love but it is also known as the color of aggression. Most of the interior designers suggest that you must never use the color red too much in the room. In fact, if it is being used for the walls, it should only be restricted to one small accent wall only. Yes, red can irritate you in a while and also make you feel aggressive as per the suggestions of color therapists. However, we have a very interesting kind of red home décor theme that will certainly be attracting you a lot. Plus, it will never let you feel aggressive. We would even go to the extent of calling this home décor theme cute. We hope that you will also be able to check out the details of this kind of home décor and find some inspirations.

Paint it red! Don’t be afraid of red. It is not a color that will be turning you into a war machine. Yes, some shades of red can make you feel slightly uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean that red should be classified as a bad color altogether. There are some beautiful shades of red that land on the border of crimson and pink. These are the shades that can safely be used in any household, any room and any kind of furniture décor without worrying about the wrath of the messenger of anger. Find this hue and then start buying some cool artsy furniture for it as well. The color of the ceiling should be just one shade lighter than those of the walls.

You should be buying a traditional Victorian style sofa that comes with some rich padding and upholstery along with curved angles and smoother edges. If you can find it in taupe hue, it would be quite a great achievement for you. Bring in four taupe cushions in a larger size and one accent cushion in cobalt blue hue in the middle. Now, buy two one-seater sofas and make sure that they are nowhere near the Victorian home décor style. Two coastal style furniture sofas in a sunny yellow color will be a perfect choice. Keep two lamps on either side of the main sofa (on the corners of the room) and make sure that they have the same cobalt blue hue as the accent cushion. Their own bodies, however, can be emerald blue.

You should also be introducing one more functional lamp in the room that is yellow in color and made entirely of metal. Finally, add two side chairs. They need to be made of wood with a minimalistic design and little to no padding for seat or backrest. However, if you want, you can get a feathery or furry cover for these two chairs so that they look different from the rest. A side bench that is entirely pink in color will also be a great choice. All in all, this pretty yet beautiful furniture and home décor idea is about mixing a number of home décor ideas together. As red is a versatile color, it is able to carry all this variety with ease. Try it today!

Artistic Bookshelves That Inspire Reading

A lot of us are constantly thinking about bringing the best in ourselves by reading books. Reading books in real time is still quite a popular hobby. People love to buy the hardcover books and read them with pleasure, staying away from all technological hassles and living in a world that is completely different from what they have known till date. As an avid book reader, if there is something that you need except good books, it is a great bookshelf. Therefore, you should immediately start looking for a great bookshelf. Here, we are bringing few of the greatest and the most creative bookshelf design ideas that you will ever find. Take a look at what you can be getting.

  • Artistic Bookshelves That Inspire ReadingThe Psychedelic Metal Bookshelf- if you are looking for a bookshelf that looks cute, beautiful and can also hold a huge number of books at the same time, you should be buying this brand new psychedelic metal bookshelf. It is designed like a ripple hit the typical metal bookshelf and made it look more beautiful than ever. This is a no fuss, no typical box style bookshelf that you will certainly be appreciating a lot. So try this bookshelf. It can accommodate a good number of books and that too in different sizes.
  • The Tree Bookshelf- the tree bookshelf is for the beginner level readers who do not own a huge number of books but who still have a nice collection to boast of. This tree bookshelf can be of two types. It can be a combination of different bookshelf racks that are often matched with a beautiful tree shaped wall stacked. If you have a larger space, then you can even get this kind of bookshelf made entirely of wood, right from the book racks to the tree shaped designed. If you are using all wood, then you might be able to accommodate more books. It can also be used as an upgrade. When you have lesser number of books, use a wall sticker and when the number of books increase, simply get a wood upgrade done to the wall.
  • The C-shaped Multipurpose Bookshelf- this is a really cute and beautiful shelf that can be used by anyone, for a room of any size. This bookshelf is shaped like a ‘C’ which comes with an iPad or tablet holder as well. You will be able to store a number of books in this bookshelf at one time. Usually, this kind of a shelf has dedicated spaces for books and it is mostly able to keep a larger size of books.
  • The Maze Bookshelf- this is one of the most interesting kind of bookshelves that you will be finding. The outline of this box is that of a typical bookshelf only. However, inside the box you will be finding a maze-like structure where you can fit in books of different sizes and that too at different angles. This style is really good for people who do not wish to experiment too much with shapes but want something really cool and different for themselves.